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The “project” that I’ve been working on…


After 4 rounds of fertility drugs, 3 IUI’s, 2 years and 1 IVF cycle (none of which even worked), we are finally parents-to-be!!! We had the “big” ultrasound today and found out that this little guy is, well, a guy. I’ll spare the whole darn internet the picture which confirmed THAT. :-)

We are beyond thrilled and can’t wait to meet him late this year.

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Congratulations! Having been through four IUIs and a round of IVF myself, I know how special this is :)


What awesome news! Congratulations!!

Congratulations!! I got a little window into that world as an egg donor (open relationship) just recently, so I can imagine how happy you must be! Happy pregnancy!! -gd

Congrats! You will be an awesome Mom! Hope everything goes well and all are healthy..

Woohoo! Congrats!


Thanks for sharing the good news!

Wow! What a fantastic reason to be away from the blog. How exciting!


I’ve said many times I’ve always considered you my blog-mom!

What fantastic news! Know that you have my best wishes, thoughts and prayers heading out to you and your family!


Aw shucks. What a cutie!

Good luck on all the rest, and may the best be yet to come.

CONGRATS! On your “project” and on the “turtle sign.” As the mother of manboys I can say I highly recommend them!!!


Congrats! I am so excited for you! And it’s a boy….how exciting!!!!!!

Oh Geena, this is SO exciting and wonderful. See what happens when I don’t get to reading my blogs regularly, y’all get pregnant! LOL!
How far along are you?

Now watch, when this little guy is three months old, you’ll be pregnant again. I hear it all the time….forever for number one and number two before you know it!

I am so happy for you!!!!

awesome picture! as i’ve said before, CONGRATULATIONS! so when should be do the baby shower?

Congratulations! Best sonogram I’ve ever seen! What a pretty baby.

Handsome feller! We went thru the same litany of fertility treatments many years back. The best was scheduling in-vivo semen analysis while chief surgical resident. “Be back in twenty minutes, fellas.” But, as you will absolutely find out, well worth the struggle.

Geena I am so happy for you. I’m still retired after 45 yrs nursing. Say hi to Fannie. I’be been in Japan visiting my son. My sister is RN in NM. Family visitors argue and fight. Security is always there. RN RN

Just wanted to say CONGRATS! Love the blog!

I know how hard infertility can be. Our little “Can never get pregnant – not even with IVF” is 18 months old now! :)
(FYI, her site is http://streetdoc.net/index.php/addyphoto)


Congratulations!!! Love the blog. I saw you got a mention in RN.

Congratulations! Almost as much as the smell of a tiny baby head, these sonogram images remind me of this particular joy in life.

Congrats, Geena! How happy you must be. We’re in the process of adopting right now, after far too long of trying and me being too sick for IVF. Can’t wait until I join your “club”!

Congratulations! Best wishes for an easy pregnancy.


VERY happy for you! And what a lucky baby to be born (or, who will be born soon) to parents who want him so much.


I am an FNP student and your blog was listed as a site to visit for a project. As an egg donor, I love to hear when someone can conceive with this awesome technology. I am currently undergoing another cycle (#3) for a couple and will have my aspiration on October 4th. Congrats, as I know what you have had to go through.

woohoo!!! i hope you will post more about your pregnancy

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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