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The Heart Attack Grill

Introducing the Quadruple Bypass Burger – and would you like a side of valve replacement with that?

Don’t expect medical care if you experience your heart attack at the grill:

As a courtesy, the restaurant offers its “best customers” a wheelchair service to their cars by waitresses dressed in slinky nurses’ outfits.

The idea, however, has not gone down well with the Arizona State Board of Nursing which has expressed concern that some patrons may confuse the waitresses with real nurses.

How do you get to be a “best customer?” Multiple bypass surgeries?

(Added December 12th): Wow, lots of hostile comments!! For the record, I am not “railing” against the Heart Attack Grill or the fact that the waitresses are dressed up as slinky nurses. I was merely putting it out there as something interesting. I’m more or less in agreement with these two bloggers: Emergiblog and Disappearing John. Basically, it’s not offensive to me because it’s a parody! I actually kind of think it’s a funny premise for a restaurant. Unhealthy? Yes, of course, but funny nonetheless.

And hey – I’m all for the health of the masses, but if you ALL were healthy, wouldn’t that put me out of a job?

(Eating unhealthy foods might cause heart disease. If you already suffer from this, learn about the benefits of the Coronary Artery Bypass Surgery and don’t forget to take care of your heart!)

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So once again the low lifes are using “Betty Boop Nurse” as a come on for cliental. And everybody is using that old saw..”oh come on, it’s just a joke!” Yeah, riiight. Well, I know a good joke when I see one..and I don’t really see one here.
There are other blogs out there that are trying to lessen the hoorah about using waitstaff dressed as sexy nurses. They are attempting to mollify ruffled feathers by using that old saw, “its just a joke”. I’m tired of people passing off bad taste as “just a joke”. I didn’t spend countless hours studying and reviewing and writing term papers to be called “a joke”. And when did “its just a joke” give anybody a free pass on good taste??!?!?

I guess one can earn “best customer” when they finally deteriorate enough to have a cardiac transplant.

So are you going to tell me that models that dress up in firefighter outfits to sell posters and calendars is ok? This is freedom of speech at it’s finest.

You guys need to get a sense of humor. Try a little sex, it might make you feel better, or smoke some weed maybe, whatever it takes but just LIGHTEN UP MAN!

freedom of speech , freedom of artistic expression and freedom of choice
oh yes and freedom to work for less than minimum wage in wanna be nurse outfits
in my ” hood” we call it trailer park trash
back to freedoms of….
the concept of the restaurant sucks
in a country where health insurance rates are too high already secondary to people who choose to eat like pigs, drink till their liver looks like it was hit by buckshot, and take drugs till they no longer can move out a bed with out a hoyer lift, take hundreds of dollars of meds daily
and can only survive because of the real nurses and cnas taking care of them and we get 33% of our pay taken out in taxes to pay for the slugs, sure keep eating there, laugh, stuff your valves, empty your wallets just to see a kid in costume ( inside she’s laughing at you thinking fat pig keep looking) and that freedom of choice thing….. go ahead do a cardiac arrest there and see if the waitresses can operate the aed machine do cpr correcty, or even turn your head right so you don’t drown in your own vomit.
the uniforms need to be toned down, the attitude of the owner needs to be adjusted and the food needs to be a little bit more healthy, then maybe it can be seen as a cute concept.
until then all nursing boards and nurses should use their freedom of speech and force that change!

Make fun of nurses all you want, When the fun is over and you need us…We will be there for you, I guarantee it.

ELLE – Where does all your venom and vitriol come from? You are an extremely angry woman.

I am a personal trainer, and even I wouldn’t dare suggest that people avoid eating “unhealthy,” food from time to time. Some of my customers are nurses, and when they saw the segment on 20/20, they agreed that the whole concept of this place is hilarious.

On top of this, who decides what is healthy, or tasteful, for that matter? Certainly not me, and definitely not you. Who does that leave, the government? Do you really want to create a police force for unhealthy food, or what someone considers “bad taste?”

“Insults are the last refuge of an exhausted mind.”

I don’t think that the way these girls dress is a big impact on anyone’s life unless you look at yourself as being just like them. Porn stars make money by getting naked and having sex with different men. And obviously the only way they can sell food is by showing their ass and breast and make only $10.00 an hour which is pretty cheap if you ask me.I have never walked into a hospital and seen a nurse look or act like a slut so to me they are only degrating themselves.

The great thing about living in America is our freedoms that we typically under appreciate and over step. This restaurant is really no different that Hooters or other establishments across the country that use young women with nice tits and great looking asses to sell their product. The only difference is that the theme is medical because the name of the establishment is a medical condition. I think we can all agree that whether we like or not, sex sells. Just look at any 30 min segment of network or cable television and you will become morally attacked.
Nurses are dedicated professionals, but I used to work at a hospital and I know first hand that they are human just like the rest of us. They are just as apt to have sexual encounters on the clock as any other profession. From first hand experience, empty patient rooms and supply closets get alot of action during 3rd shift. It is not a strecth of the imagination to see one of these waitresses bend over a table and think about having sex with a nurse. I do not think nurses should be off limits of satire. Thats my opinion.

Funny. Some people would love to be in a line of work that is thought of as sexy. Guess every profession has prudes who are ashamed to be thought of in any way but “boring”.

I understand that a nurse has an important job to do. However, if you’re offended by a restaurant’s theme, no mater what that is, then perhaps you’ve been giving way too much weight to the actual importance of your job for far too long now. Either that, or you have issues that have nothing to do with the theme of any sort of eatery.

Grow a sense of humor, ladies. Or else, shut up & get outta the way. I wanna look at the waitresses. ; )

quit yer bitching and get a life. if you dont like the skimpy clothes then dont fucking go there. if you think youre offended by their costumes, imagine how offended the rest of us are to have to listen to the libscum whining about how unfair it all is. youre not that special, accept it and make what peace you can out of life. jesus….

Is this a joke? You rail against The Heart attack grill and have the temerity to advertise the “Ipecac Aperitif” Blog? Do you know how many people are KILLED or SERIOUSLY INJURED by misuse of Ipecac each year?
And YOU think you’re the arbiter of “good taste” in the world today?
It’s enough to make you puke.

Some of these people, like Elle, would want a sheet thrown over the statue of Venus in the Louvre because, in the narrowest of minds, all expression except their own is obscene.

Gary – It would appear the NY is taking the first steps to having government police what we should have the RIGHT TO CHOOSE to eat.

Nothing makes food taste better than a beautiful woman and a friendly atmosphere.


Married to nurse, daughter’s a nurse. Nurses are great. Most of them have senses of humor. Most of them are not offended by attractive women. What’s wrong here?

I’m from a small town in Wisconsin. I am currently a nurse and find the restaurant to be very, very unoffencive and creative!! If I had the chance I would have gladly worked my way through school in a place such as this restaurant; it seems to be a very light hearted and good humored place. I love the theme and think they shouldn’t listen to those who have no sense of humor! Just thought you should hear it from someone in the profession. Remember there are still some people out there that still have a sence of humor and are not offended by EVERYTHING!!!

As a female, i am outraged at the fact that men (all doctors) are allowed to comment on you site.

Will you be attacking gays and jews next? Start digging into that nasty Constitution and Bill of Rights! Freedoms be damned! You and George Bush lead the charge!

I am a physician, and I found the place great! The food in hospitals are more unhealthy than this, and I wish the nurses looked and acted like those at the cardiac grill. My compliments to the chef, owner and nurses!!!

I read an article in the local paper about a nurse that was complaining about the naughty nurse uniform. For years many women dress up in this getup for holloween. It’s sexy and fun, a healthy form of sexual expression. The news story never showed a picture of this uptight women. My guess is that she is an ugly nurse with no sex life.

Well these are some pretty interesting comments. Nurses do have a sense of humor….I know I do. But some of your comments about we are not that special getover it. Well Let’s see how well you get over it when you come into my ER an you are not breathing or your heart has stopped and I am the one there to do the CPR and get you back….so sorry guys I do think I am pretty SPECIAL!!!!

Hey, John, I see you put the nurse quiz on the site. Thanks. We need all the help we can get with recruiting into the profession. Keep up the good work. Your nurse friend in Memphis, Jill

Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. :) Cheers! Sandra. R.

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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