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Remember this baby?

Well, he turned into this 1 year old:


I have never done anything so simultaneously frustrating and rewarding. Mostly rewarding :)

I was tagged by PixelRN, so here goes:

1. I have a few goals in life: I want to someday design and build my own house, see the northern lights and visit the 7 wonders of the world. That last one might be a little difficult, though, seeing as how I’m not very fond of traveling.
2. For one summer in college, I worked at Eastman Kodak in a lab. I’m amazed that I can’t remember exactly what I did, but I know it had to do with testing the silver emulsion for…. something. Anyway, it was a fascinating job and I still remember my coworkers there, although I don’t keep in touch with them anymore.
3. I make mosaics.
4. If I could have any job in the world, I would want to be an astronaut.
5. I was married on Halloween.
6. I love playing video games. I can remember playing Mah Jongg on my dad’s old 386 and Missile Command on the Atari. I’ve graduated to Nintendos and Xbox’s now, but it has truly been a life long “hobby.”
7. Last and least, I have ADD. I’m sure no one noticed, but I posted only 7 times during my pregnancy last year. That’s because I wasn’t taking my meds and the desire to write pretty much vanished. I was diagnosed and started treatment in college. One semester I was about to flunk out of the nursing program and the next semester I was on the dean’s list. Pretty
impressive turnaround. Think what you will about ADD, but finding out how to manage it changed my life.

Honestly, I don’t know who to tag – I feel like I’ve read this meme from pretty much everyone, but I guess I don’t remember seeing one from Kevin MD or GruntDoc.

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those mosaics are gorgeous! happy birthday to your little angel…they do grow so fast!

Beautiful mosaics.

Fascinating! Thanks for obliging me…

Your little guy is so adorable. I love the hat.

Your mosaics are wonderful. I’ve always loved mosaics and working with tiles. Do you sell them or is more of a hobby?

He got so big! What on earth do you feed him? He is precious.

What a doll – and where the heck did the year go??????????

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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