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Happy Nurse’s Week!

Hi everyone, happy Nurse’s Week!  I’m sure your hospitals are doing fun and exciting things for you this year – giving out free penlights, stethoscope name tags, a little bag of candy?  Maybe an ice cream social?

Actually, I kind of like the ice cream socials.

Anyway!  Here at codeblog, we might have a little something to give you in honor of Nurse’s Week!  Remember when I got mono?  Well, courtesy of GIANTmicrobes, you can get mono, too!  Or if you’d prefer, we could get you some cholera, toxic mold, or even gangrene!

How freaking cute is gangrene?!  Those vibrant green eyes!  The cute little ruffle!

Or Giardia??  Don’t you just want to cradle it and tell it everything will be okay?

One commenter will be rewarded with the bacteria, virus, amoeba or cell of their choice.  And pursuant to my post all those many years ago, they have indeed added C. Diff and MRSA!  And one of them could be yours!

To be eligible for your disease-of-choice, just leave a comment telling me something you got for Nurse’s Week from your place of employment.  If you aren’t a nurse, leave a comment suggesting something nurses SHOULD get for Nurse’s Week.  Or what your mother, father, sister, brother, 3rd cousin twice removed or dog’s best friend’s owner got that one time.

One lucky commenter will be chosen at random (which may or may not involve throwing all of your names into a hat and letting my preschooler pick).  And, of course, the fine print:  this is open to U.S. residents only, please leave a valid e-mail address because that is how we will contact you for your address and choice of toy.  The lucky commenter may choose any 5-7 inch plush doll.  Although those little petri dishes are really very cute, you are on your own if you want one of those!  :)

Any comment made at this time until midnight PST on May 17th, 2011 will be eligible.  One comment per person, please.

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We got little one shoulder backpack things (that’ll be good for our backs…) and travel coffee cups. Wooooo.

We got a lunchbox…so fancy :)

we have here dunkin donuts & Cinnabon.

We get lunch, that’s it. I would much rather get a bag or mug or something fun like that.

Ice cream social and a cafe where they had coffee and snacks-it was cute.

As a nursing student, we didn’t get anything as we are not yet nurses. But we did purchase flowers and a cake for our nursing instructors. It was well deserved…and we did chip in together so that they had an adequate supply of their favorite Dunkin’ Donuts coffee for the week. Chocolate, flowers & coffee is not a bad deal…

We got lunch (delivered by the DON to the night shift!

Those are too cute!!

I’m not a nurse, but I think nurses should get a cute little microbe plushy! ;)

P.S. I found your blog because someone mentioned it in my college class. We are supposed to review a quality blog created by a professional in our field, and someone reviewed yours. :)

Our home health agency, part of a hospital, did nothing. “We celebrate Home Health week when everyone can be recognized. Nurses are no more important than the other staff.” Makes you feel real appreciated.

My mom, who is an actual nurse, got a tote bag. It’s black, white, and lime green, and its main redeeming feature is that it… has a zipper? I (future nurse) in turn got a “Nurses Save Lives” magnet, which my mom tossed into my purse when I wasn’t looking. Ha!

We got a basket of fruit in our break room… which would have been nicer had the fruit actually been RIPE! But by the time any of us will actually have time to hit the break room and actually see what is there… it may be :)

We got a .25 cent bookmark. I feel valued.

n honor or Nurse’s week, my employer did a few nice things. Every nurse was given an insulated lunch bag (nice one), we were treated to dinner one night, and being a religious hospital, a blessing of the hands. We have over 1,000 employees, so they did make a good effort for us.

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