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Grand Rounds Five

Welcome to Grand Rounds Five! We have some fascinating stories and news commentary this week.



Alwin skis on Sheets of Cold down the temperature curve in an effort to save some of his patient’s brain cells after cardiac arrest.



“I believe we may have left a scalpel in your abdomen, but if we tell you and then apologize, are you still going to sue?” Kevin, M.D. explains why this just might work.

are drafted.


GruntDoc admonishes us to “Stay the hell away from the kool-aid.” Read his take on this silly medical draft rumor.



Have you ever seen a doctor throw chest tubes against a wall? I have, and it isn’t pretty. Shrinkette summarizes an article about doctors who yell and the colleagues who deal with it.



You can find love on the internet, why can’t you find organs? Bard-Parker weighs in on the man who’s new kidney was just a few clicks away.



Do you shudder at the thought of a ruptured globe? If so, read with caution this post about Mr. Mattress’ recent eye surgery and the ensuing aftermath. Fortunately, he tempers it with offers of cupcakes.



It’s all about the timing – Nick’s is apparently perfect. If only we all could have such distracted patients…



“We’ve found an abnormality on your test, but I don’t want you to worry.” Dr. Charles writes about how we layer phrases to translate cold objectivity into reality for patients.

are funny.


Will Work For Peanuts – Michelle Au writes Scutmonkey, an absolutely hysterical comic about the medical world. She wants your submissions! But if you submit a story for her to pen, please tell her that you want mine done first. Thanks. :-)



Tom at Random Acts of Reality points out that most monsters start out as victims – but I still agree with that first commenter.



Maria at Intueri thinks we should make patients view a CPR video at the door, like they do on planes: “Should your heart stop beating and you are designated a full code, your pillow will not serve as a flotation device.”



Sure, take this list of questions with you, but make sure you write down the answers… you’ll never remember them correctly otherwise. The Cheerful Oncologist provides a patient’s guide to informed consent.



The Chaplin.News explains how a gentlemen’s club noted for its frivolity came to launch one of the most widely recognizable charities.

hear voices


Early-onset schizophrenia or simply a case of imaginary friend? Mental Notes shares the reasoning behind why your child just turned creepy.

at lunch.


Gonna be in the Bay Area in November? This is your chance to have lunch with Dr. Choi at medmusings. Oh, and to attend Bloggercon as well. :-)

Come back for more next week! Here’s the upcoming schedule:

November 2: Election Day Grand Rounds hosted by Medpundit
November 9: Grunt Doc
November 16: DB’s Med Rants
November 23: Shrinkette
November 30: Doctor Mental
December 7: The Examining Room of Dr. Charles

Previous Grand Rounds are archived at an Undisclosed Location.

And lastly, Nick at Blogborygmi is our fearless leader. E-mail him if you’re interested in hosting future Grand Rounds.


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Why there is no link on Instapundit? Did you try to get in touch? Last time I had to send two two emails to Dr.Reynolds. You have to get in touch with him: pundit@instapundit.com

I have emailed him: done deal.

Best Grand Rounds yet, IMHO. Particularly enjoyed the clever formatting. Good work.

Excellent selection of links… this grand rounds idea get better each time I read!

Glenn Reynolds (Instapundit) on vacation this week.

Geena: excellent rounds! Thank you.
In terms of Instapundit issue, I have also emailed Ann Althouse at UWM, who is guest blogging, asking her to post. She did not respond…:(
Kevin: thanks!

Great rounds!


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