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Grand Rounds, 14th Edition!

On the first day of Grand Rounds, a surgeon gave to me: the tale of a kidney transplant. Dr. Bard-Parker gives details on the origin of organ transplantation.

On the second day of Grand Rounds, a girl shrink gave to me: accountability for performance. Shrinkette chats with Santa about doctors who might have to prove their competence, or face the consequences.

On the third day of Grand Rounds, a student gave to me: an interesting taxi-cab ride. Nick at Blogborygmi describes a harrowing ride through Manhatten, driven by a potentially under-medicated driver.

On the fourth day of Grand Rounds, an RN gave to me: the patience of a thousand saints. Alwin changes his frame of reference – it’s not personal, it’s just bad brain wiring.

On the fifth day of Grand Rounds, a doctor gave to me: a tip that could keep me healthy. Dr. Emer explains why staying active for your whole life can keep your brain fit as a fiddle.

On the sixth day of Grand Rounds, an oncologist gave to me: a facade showing calm concern. Behind Dr. Hildreth’s composed face are the tears of a thousand deaths.

On the seventh day of Grand Rounds, a pundit gave to me: a rain check for the grim reaper’s call. Medpundit has a first-hand anecdote about a terminal patient holding on to life to be present for an important event – and it’s not necessarily for the holidays.

On the eighth day of Grand Rounds, an ER Doc gave to me: ways to be a good consultant. Gruntdoc gives us a fresh view on the age-old Golden Rule.

On the ninth day of Grand Rounds, an intern gave to me: a carry-over ethics consult. The previous intern left Dr. Chaplin quite an ethical mess. What would you do?

On the tenth day of Grand Rounds, a doctor gave to me: a surprise visit from old Saint Nick. A very curious patient stopped by The Examining Room of Dr. Charles.

On the eleventh day of Grand Rounds, a student gave to me: the other side of gastric bypass. Disappearing John is a nursing student who underwent gastric bypass surgery. Read his account of missing the comfort of his old friend, food.

On the twelfth day of Grand Rounds, a boy shrink gave to me: a patient’s right to take medicine. Dr. Baker wonders if patient choice and the patient-physician relationship are being sacrificed as a severe side effect of recent bad publicity over medications.

On the thirteenth day of Grand Rounds, a medic gave to me: a diary of a paramedic. SeaDoc runs through his “run sheet” of a typical day on the job.

On the fourteenth day of Grand Rounds, a head nurse gave to me: a guy with hemicorporectomy. Jo at Head Nurse prepares to take care of a patient that’s one in a million. Maybe a billion.

On the fifteenth day of Grand Rounds, a journalist gave to me: consideration of risk factors. Saint Nate says naproxen is probably not going to be the cause of your stroke, but shows you how to find out what will.

On the sixteenth day of Grand Rounds, Ema gave to me: the correct use of fertility aids. Know the difference between fertility monitors? You do now!

On the seventeenth day of Grand Rounds, an intern gave to me: a poem about Christmas Eve call. A two-part rendition of The Night Before Christmas by Maria.

On the eighteenth day of Grand Rounds, a madman gave to me: a parody about the house staff. Mad House Madman writes a parody every Thursday featuring a selected blog or two.

On the nineteenth day of Grand Rounds, Mike Pechar gave to me: lymphogranuloma vereneum. It fits the song, I swear! Accent on “gran” and “ver.” Try it!

On the twentieth day of Grand Rounds, a radiologist gave to me: a poem from a cent’ry ago. Roentgen rays… naughty??

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays. Check out Rangel, M.D. next Tuesday for the first Grand Rounds of 2005!.

Do you want to host future Grand Rounds? You know you do. Contact the father of Grand Rounds, Nick, for details on how you, too, can spend a delightful few hours blogging on a Monday night :-)


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Great Job.

I second the great job. Cool days of christmas.

great one! I tried singing it though, and I don’t think it sounds so good… maybe it’s my voice.
awesome job!

As always, your presentation continues to dazzle us, Geena. Excellent work! :) Happy holidays!


Let’s see…. That means I “fifth” the “awesome job, Geena”

As a rather new blogger I was honored to be included in this Grand Rounds. I almost fell off my chair at work last night when I clicked over to read Grand Rounds, and saw my name…..


great work indeed!!!

Thanks to everyone who submitted posts to be included. It must have been just one more thing to do over the holidays, but I appreciated all that I had to work with :-)

These are all wonderful. Great job! Medicine-related posts are also welcome at Tangled Bank:


Great job on Grand Rounds.

Did you design all of the blogroll buttons on the right?


Wonderful Rounds

Your site is very very cool !! I love it :) Respect !

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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