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When a patient is going to have a colonoscopy, the colon has to be cleaned out so that the doctor can see what’s goin on in there.

To achieve this, the doctor often orders Golytely, which is an electrolyte solution meant to cause some serious cleaning-out while preventing dehydration and electrolyte imbalances. We sometimes give it in the ICU to patients who are to undergo a colonoscopy the next day. If they have an NG tube, we just mix it up and put it down that. If they don’t, they have to drink a glass of the stuff every 10 minutes.

An entire gallon of it.

Think of a really vile salty drink, then imagine having to drink a gallon of it within about 4 hours. Some complain more than others, but I think it’s safe to say that it isn’t pleasant.

It’s highly effective, though.

Apparently I’ve mentioned the process to my husband before, because one day he was walking around during his lunch break and found what might be a possible replacement for what has up until now been a very uncomfortable process! Instead of this:


People could just eat bags of this:


I found it to be quite an unfortunate name for a candy. And it isn’t just the name. Apparently if you’re “sensitive” and you eat too much, it really can possibly stand in for the other stuff!


Well, even if you weren’t exactly looking for the laxative effect, the bag claims that a serving of these candies actually counts as 1 exchange of fruit.



Since when do lemon oil and tangerine oil count as a fruit??

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you think they are sister companies and just being humorous or something? :)

I wonder what they’d do if dropped in a bottle of diet coke…

Well, people are eating lighter these days, and what could be better for you than highly refined lipids?

Hmmm…for hubby’s colonoscopy, all he had to do was drink two Fleet’s Phospho-Soda things (4 oz or so total) and nothing but clear liquids for 24 hours.

And anything that has sugar alcohols in it will cause laxative effects like you won’t believe. Trust me. I thought sugar-free chocolate was God’s gift to humanity and in reality it was Satan’s gift to plumbing!

I know this borders on too much information, but that sugar-free candy is almost as effective as GoLytely. Take it from a person who’s had both…

Finally! It looks like SOME company is actually admitting that some people are “sensitive” to Splenda.

People think I am bizarre because I do not consume artificial sweeteners.

I suspect aspartame of giving me migraines (I am unwilling to try to “prove” that by having someone feed me regular, sugar-sweetened food and then aspartame-laced food in a blind test).

all of the “sugar alcohols” like sorbitol cause massive cramps and other unpleasant effects.

And splenda also causes cramping in me – just less severely than the sugar alcohols.

I just wish that manufacturers were required to put UP FRONT on their packaging when they have fake sugar in there – I’ve been snookered more than once by splenda-containing substances. And no, “now contains less sugar” isn’t the same thing. I assume that means they’ve reformulated it to contain less sweetener total – not that some of the sugar’s been replaced by something else.

Ran accross this today, while using the bowel prep,(between running) It made my day!

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