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Blog World Expo 2009

Last week I attended the Blog World Expo conference in Las Vegas.  This is the first year that medbloggers had a track all to ourselves!  The sessions I attended were interesting, and as part of the audience I was delighted to watch my fellow medbloggers on the panels.  There were lots of thoughtful questions & answers, and many silly antics (how many times DID Doctor Rob get onto the big live Twitter feed anyway?? blogworld blogworld blogworld!)

Unfortunately, due to a splitting headache, I was not able to attend the last session, but I had plenty of chances to meet and spend some time with medical bloggers that I have been reading for years.  It was truly great meeting each and every one of you and I’m looking forward to seeing everyone again!

Meeting Terri from Nurse Ratched’s Place was a real treat, as was meeting Kim at Emergiblog.  Kim posted quite a bit about the conference – you can read her post here, which contains LOTS of pictures!  Kim and I shared a lovely (albeit sugary!) lunch together AND managed also to do a joint interview, which can be seen here. (The MJ Propofol anecdote?  True story.)

Here are some other thoughts from the bloggers that attended, namely Doctor Rob (one of these days I will earn a golden llama for my blog.  It is a blog goal of mine), Dr. Wes, Dr. V, Kerri (congratulations!), Kevin MD, Doctor AnonymousNick MD, and Dr. Ramona Bates.  Ramona made a beautiful quilt that we all signed.  It was given away as a door prize to one very lucky person, who did not happen to be me.  I was really thrilled to meet one of my favorite bloggers who is also the medical blogger I’ve known for the longest time (7 years in December!) GruntDoc.

A big thanks goes to Dr. Val (also fantastic meeting her finally!) who helped arrange the whole darn thing, and Johnson & Johnson and Medpage Today, who sponsored us.

2010, anyone??  :)

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It looks like such a great time. I’m so happy for all of you.

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