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Tell Me if This Doesn’t Make You Tear Up Just A Little

15 years ago in my CCU, long before I arrived, a young girl of 12 was admitted with “sudden death.” She was revived before coming to our unit, but was ultimately declared brain dead. She became an organ donor. I don’t know the specifics of her situation.

All I know is that for the last 15 years, her father has delivered a dozen peach-pink roses to the nurses in CCU on the anniversary of his daughter’s death.

The roses showed up yesterday. They’re beautiful.

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I am starting to see that it is things like that that make the previous post (heart surgery pt) all worth it. A few days ago I had what was probably the worst day of my career thus far.(post to follow) As horrible as my day was, the next day the mother of my patient came up to me in the cafeteria and thanked me for everything that I had done for her daughter that day. It was truly a moment of clarity for me.

I want to go into the field of nursing when I get out of high school.


Wow, what a dedicated and loving daddy. Sniff.

what a wonderful gesture! *sniff, sniff*

I recently received a card from the caregiver of a patient who died, thanking me for my support and help. It is those moments that can make you want to be a nurse forever…..

Geena, If the girl was in Room xx she had a bleeding AVM. I worked there but not that night. Every year the father would come in and look at the room. He didn’t say anything. He would give the roses and leave quietly. RN,RN

Righteous dad, righteous dude.

It’s amazing that he still brings flowers after all that time. How wonderful a father he must be. It makes us want to continue our profession when we hear such beautiful stories.

Wow, as a parent, I don’t think I would have the strength to return year after year . . .it’s touching, but heartbreaking.

I still have a Christmas ornament, given to me by an AIDs patient’s wife – all of 23 years ago. She wrote on the bottom of it and there is not a Christmas that goes by that I don’t think about this couple as I hang the little replica “Hummel” figure on my tree.

that is one big commitment..Just like my darling daughter, I like your stories,. I wish I would have done it..long ago…love ya mom

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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