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A Rambling and Some News and Some Other News

I took care of an elderly man recently.  He’d been dealing with multiple medical problems for almost 30 years.  Despite being in some very significant pain, he still made eye contact, still said “please” and “thank you.”

He wasn’t faking the pain.  He was very stoic, but I could tell he was hurting.  That tight-lipped grimace, the tachycardia, not moving a muscle unless it was absolutely necessary.  Still, manners prevailed.

My colleagues and I went above and beyond for him and his family.  There’s just something about being polite to others that makes those others want to help you and help you and help you some more.

I’m not saying that we don’t want to help those that aren’t overly polite.  It was just nice to be treated, well, so nicely.  I wouldn’t expect everyone in severe pain to maintain such decorum.  Every once in awhile you just click with a patient and it makes being a nurse so enjoyable.

So!  News #1.  Another of my posts has made it into a book.  It’s called “Lives in the Balance” and was edited by Tilda Shalof, who has written quite a number of books about ICU nursing.  I have read some of those books, so when she personally asked for one of my posts to be included I was quite flattered!

I’ve read the whole book, which is full of very compelling stories written by nurses who work in ICU.  I highly recommend giving it a read, and not just because one of my little posts made it in!

News #2 will only be news if you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook.  I am just over 10 weeks pregnant!  We are over the moon about this and can’t wait to meet him or her in late July.

And I guess the bonus news is that this blog is 7 years old this month :-)

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Good news all around! I’m so happy for you!

Kudos on News #2. That is really wonderful to hear. Thanks for sharing!

Congrats from a lurking reader on all your good news, and for keeping up with your blog for 7 years!

Great news all around! I envy people who can truly write and would love to be in a book. Can you smell the envy!! Also congrats on the pregnancy. I hope things are going well. I was updating links and popped over to see how you were. I wanted to thank you for keeping my link up on your site!

[...] *This blog post was originally published at code blog – tales of a nurse* [...]

Congrats on the book and baby! Will definitely pick up the book, let me know if you’d ever want to write a blurb about it for scrubsmag.com!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Happy happy news!

In another note, I find that if someone is nice and polite to me, I will be nice and polite to them as well. It’s just as simple as that. However, if someone is going to be mean and rude, there is only so much fake smiling I can do before it starts eating me inside. We’re not supposed to take it personally, but every person has a limit. You can’t honestly expect the best service out there if all you’re going to do is be mean and nasty.

I found that after I had been a patient during some really tough times, that I had a whole new outlook one being polite. Even though I was always polite and pleasant to my patients, it gave me a new sincerity in my voice. You can say something, but it is really how it comes from deep within that makes the difference. It also helped me to go the extra mile, and that made a difference to my patients. To one, in particular, it helped him to relax, knowing that I was working for him when he couldn’t. I know that sometimes we get tired, but I wish it hadn’t taken a few hospitalizations to help me see the other side of the coin.

Congratulations on your pregnancy!!!!

[...] at Code Blog, Geena has A Rambling and Some News and Some Other News! I don’t want to spill the beans here, but I will say a HUGE Happy Blogiversary as she enters [...]

Very, very happy for you on your pregnancy news! If you ever want to write a guest post about your pregnancy, I would be happy to host. My readers love pregnancy stories.
Happy New Year!

I didn’t have to read more than your first paragraph to know that this man would easily be my favorite patient. “Thank you” and “please” go such a long way! And from a man with a 30 year, chronic history?!?!?!?!

Congrats on your other news as well.

Congrats on the pregnancy-Good luck, and hopefully no morning sickness!

After only 3mos. blogging- I can’t imagine 7 years.

What a milestone!

Congratulations on your pregnancy! Thank you for continuing your blog! I enjoy reading your stories very much.

Love this story and Congrats on the little one!

Congratulations on the new baby! That’s great!

Congratulations, wonderful news all around! I love the kind of patient you described. They are always the ones I remember the most.

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Wow, congrats on the post making it into the book!

I just found your blog and I really enjoy reading your posts.

Wonderful. Congrats on being published. Hospice needs more exposure just like it.

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