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Well, What Else Are They Good For?

Nancy writes:

This is one of those “Can you believe the gall” stories.

I worked as a nursing supervisor for a local clinic… a clinic that is known for being “cheap.” I didn’t know how cheap until I went to a supervisors meeting the month before Nurse’s Day. The Director of Nursing had the audacity to ask us to contact drug reps and ask THEM to provide food for the nurses on Nurse’s Day. I laugh out loud every time I think of the look I had on my face… The place was too stinking cheap to buy us breakfast!!! Boy did we feel appreciated! :)

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That is pretty darned cheap! But you know what we get for EMS week? Nothing. One one even bothers with it. If we are very lucky (like last year) one of the hospital put up a poster at the ER saying “Congratulations and Happy EMS week” or something like that. I am pretty sure that was only because they hire Paramedics in the ER.

Yeah. That would suck.

While I was out sick with pneumonia, they’d put a sign up on a walkway to celebrate Respiratory Therapists Week. It was still up when I came back a couple of weeks later…during the fires that ravaged SoCal. Ironically, that morning, the air was so thick and brown from the smoke that you needed a gravy ladle to get through it.

That was over a month ago. The sign’s still up.

One of my students went to a department managers meeting and sat there like a fly on the wall. The meeting started with the Nurse Exec saying

okay, yeah, well, i am a diagnostic medical sonography intern at a snazzy new campus with a megalomaniac program director. she decided to have a “completion ceremony” before graduation for the outgoing seniors, and to invite us juniors. okay. then she said AND I WANT YOU TO PUT ON THE POTLUCK FOR THEM. like, decorations, food, beverages, snacks, cooking. uhhhh. . . .er…. i am giving up work and life and family to do my academics and you want me to buy a freakin ‘ TURKEY for the senior class NOT ONE OF WHOM I HAVE EVER MET except by my own initiative??? (this p.d. keeps us apart intentionally seemingly) like where am i supposed to get the $$ for the turkey when a few times a month i eat either cold cereal or ramen cuz that’s all i can afford?!????

but here is the bonus. she scheduled it AFTER OUR LAST FINAL. so we had to provide this thing and pay for it and STAY FIVE HOURS so SHE could look good. it was so gross. there is a special hell for ALL Administrators i think…. how rude, b.s., i don’t have any more printable words!!

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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