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In the spirit of April Fool’s Week, I wanted to write about the various pranks my coworkers and I have bestowed upon each other!

When I worked in dialysis at another hospital, our “office” had drawers where we could store our personal stuff. My dialysis coworkers were real practical jokers. Maybe it was because I was the new girl, but my day was first :-)

One morning I came walking in to work, opened my drawer to put my stuff away, and found a bedpan full of what at first glance appeared to be the typical ooginess one would find. Upon closer inspection, I realized that it was isolyzer (a grainy substance used to soak up fluid) mixed with various offerings from whatever was in the cafeteria the day before. It was then that I turned around to find my coworkers giggling their little heads off.

In retaliation (we always worked in pairs, and whoever my counterpart was that day was always up for new pranks), D and I stole everything out of C’s drawer and hid it, then left him little clues about where to find the next clue, like a scavenger hunt. Ok, that was lame – I guess you had to be there.

My favorite prank was on D. Every morning that he worked, he would walk in, and whip his drawer open. Yeah, he was a stud. I don’t know how that drawer wasn’t torn from its’ tracks. Anyway, C and I took everything out of D’s drawer and found a plastic tub that actually fit in there pretty snuggly (our sign from the universe that this was going to be the best prank ever) and completely filled it with water. These were deep drawers, and it took a LOT of water to fill it. I went to the gift shop and bought a few bathtub items – rubber duckies, little plastic seahorses and put them in.

Sure enough, I was working with D the next day and made sure to get there a little early (and stand far away) to see the show. D came in and as he always did, whipped that drawer right out. Because it was heavier than he was used to, it didn’t have quite the splash we were hoping for, but it was splash enough! The look on his face was priceless.

The last prank I’ll write about was a real group effort. My hospital has a position called “flex nurse.” It’s a nurse that wears a beeper and anyone in the hospital can page him/her to come help with whatever’s necessary – IV starts, NG insertion, accompanying patients on field trips to MRI, CT, etc. One night, the regular flex RN was sick, so CCU was responsible for floating a nurse to flex. It was “Tom’s” night to float, so off he went.

Although an all-around great guy and excellent nurse, he is quite a stickler for details and is a card-carrying perfectionist. If there’s a policy written about something, Tom knows it and can practically recite it verbatim.

So Tom’s the flex, and we are just dying to play a joke on him. We sat there all evening racking our brains to come up with something, until someone finally did…

We waited until visiting hours were over, then called the shift supervisor with our idea who fortunately thought it was delightful. We had another floor page him to help with an admit or something, and when we were alerted that he was at that floor’s nurse’s station, we called the operator and had her announce this:
“Flex nurse stat to CCU for Code Brown. Flex nurse stat to CCU for Code Brown!”
He had the biggest grin on his face when he got back to CCU. We were rolling.

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Oh, those were hilarious! :-) I’m going to have to think back and write a few of my own!

I know I’m a little dull, but I’m not sure I get the last one…
what is Code Brown? Is it just that you had him running up and down floors?

You aren’t dull :P
You just don’t work in a hospital.
There are official codes – code red for fire, code orange for chemical spill, code blue for when a patient stops breathing/cardiac arrests.
Then there are the unofficial codes – amongst nurses, who must attend to the numerous natural happenings of the body, code brown is exactly what you think it would be. When a nurse comes out to the desk and jokingly says “code brown” to a crowd of other nurses, they immediately all find something better to do :-)
In addition, it was extra funny because the entire hospital knows what “code brown” means, but it has NEVER been announced over the *intercom* !

I love these! Great stuff, Geena.

We have our share of code browns….but thankfully, now that rotavirus season is winding down we have much fewer calls. Sigh. I love Spring!

I was actually looking up code brown on the internet to get some more ideas to share with my co-workers. I am an RN on a psych unit and we have plenty of code browns, in some cases the patients like to eat, paint with and attack you with their fecal matter. We had a major one this weekend and Amber, my co worker wrote up some very funny procedures to follow for a code brown. She found brown paper and attached the new form to our emergency flip charts.

Other than the most obvious protocols such as donning every piece of protective equipment available, there were also instructions to look under desks and in various areas for unwilling staff and very detailed instructions as to how long to vacate the room and when nose breathing could safely commence.

It was a nice slow weekend for a change so she actually got the staff together for a few minutes and we had our own impromptu inservice. We were in stitches!

You’ve got to laugh, or cry. We chose the former.

Yeah, I’ve certianly seen my share of Code Brown’s where I work, even though I don’t have a regular department.
Those April Fool’s jokes were great Geena. The one about the tub with the rubber duckies was great. :)

I used to work in an ER with a guy named Danny. Now, triage was right inside the front door and next to triage were the double doors to get to the back. Danny used to triage people, take them back and tell the families that the door to the back was on the “clapper” and for them to just come up close to the door and clap when they wanted to get back. People actually did this and he would push the button at triage to open the door at the same time they were clapping. Pretty cruel, but hilarious.

I am so glad I found this page. I am a RN working in a detox and rehab center. Last night everyone was pranking everyone. I have been looking for ways to get the guys back. They told another nurse and me that we needed to check our cars. We thought they had done something to them. When we made our way out to the parking lot, one of the guys started grabbing snow, I ran to hide behind a truck but slipped and fell, then the other nurse took off running to help me ad slipped and fell. The guys said that the prank worked out alot better than expected.

I was looking over the net and may have found my first girl friend from NHS … dewar@att.net

I hate to be the one to say this, but sometimes pranks can get out of control. I wasn’t at work when this happened however like the rest of the hospital staff I heard about it. One of our RN’s, LPN’s, and secretaries were goofing around on a “slow” evening shift. They were hiding and spraying each other with NS syringes, shaving cream and what ever else they could find. One of them put the alcohol rub into the their hand and threw it at someone else. It got into her eye and really damaged her eye. She was out of work for two days.
It’s all fun and games until someone gets their eye poked out.

That is funny, I am going to have to remember the drawer one.

But be careful. Yesterday, I randomly walked up to someone (a friend) and taped them to the chair with three peices of tape, took a picture, laughed, helped them out. And 2 hours late, the ADON was there having me go for a drug screen. The ADON admitted she wouldn’t have called for this but since another nurse complained she had to do her job. There are evil people out there and you have to make sure you prank around people that are okay. My drug screen will be fine, and I will hopefully not be fired. I am sure the tech who I taped am I am friends with will not press charges and I would think that would be required. There weren’t patient’s around or anything. Nursing is different than it was years ago.

i was bring back blood to a nurse who requested it but i double baged it and in the outside bag i emptied a jar of red jello so when she seen me hand her the bag she thought her blood had spilled all over,

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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