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Love A Nurse

This week is Nurse’s Week, and May 6th was Nurse’s Day. In honor of this largely ignored (well, okay – there are a few Hallmark cards and a free sundae day at work) week of appreciation, I thought I’d tap out just how many hats a typical nurse wears in a shift. Buckle up, kids – this is not for the faint of heart.


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New Edition!
Taking a day or so off…

A friend of mine just went into labor, so I’m going to be hanging out at the hospital being moral support… Nice to have a little excitedness in the world today :-)

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How do you suppose being coded feels?

I’m not sure. I’m usually the one doing the coding. I can venture some good guesses, though, at what it could be like. So this is what you should be considering if the nice doctor asks you what the code status is on your 89 year old diabetic multiple antibiotic resistant infectious old CVA vascular diseased demented Aunt Esmerelda who hasn’t been out of bed in the better part of 3 years.


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I promise to make this as painless as possible

I know I said “nothing academic,” and this really doesn’t fall under that heading, but neither is it a witty entertaining story. This is about how we
in the hospital decide what to do with your life.


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  • profileI am Gina. I have been a nurse for 15 years, first in med/surg, then CVICU, inpatient dialysis, CCU and now hospice. This blog is about my experiences as a nurse, and the experiences of others in the healthcare system - patients, nurses, doctors, paramedics. We all have stories!

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