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Beam Yourself Aboard Change of Shift…

…. Which is up over at Emergiblog!  The only Star Trek I ever really watched all the way through was Voyager (ok… and lots of the Captain Picard one), but between her effusive praise and my husband’s nagging encouragement, I have a feeling I’ll be seeing this new Star Trek movie at some point!

The next Change of Shift is here at codeblog in two weeks.  There is no theme, just send some good posts :)  to codeblogrn at gmail.

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Constant Care

(Story Submission!)

It had been my first shift back in a near three month sabbatical from the hospital. Work was few and far between in those days, mainly because my seniority was so low. This also meant I got the short end of the stick when it came to shifts, wards and patient care.


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The International Pysch Patient Care Day

I’m not sure how many of you know that one of the purposes of this site is to submit stories of your own, whether you are a patient, CNA, nurse, doctor, EMT, volunteer, etc. I’m so interested in reading health care stories from many points of view.

So happily, I present my very first story submission! Enjoy!

Ever had one of those days where it seems that everyone and anyone is out to get you? We get days like that fairly frequently in Emergency, especially when the moon is full or welfare cheques get cashed…


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Two sweethearts

As a CNA, I worked on a Skilled Nursing floor. I was actually quite disappointed when I was hired there. I wanted to work on the Medical/Surgical floor! The Skilled Nursing Facility (SNF) was like a nursing home within a hospital.


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Dodging crosses

I once took care of a lady I’ll call Martha. She talked about God a lot, but had the most evil eyes.


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  • profileI am Gina. I have been a nurse for 15 years, first in med/surg, then CVICU, inpatient dialysis, CCU and now hospice. This blog is about my experiences as a nurse, and the experiences of others in the healthcare system - patients, nurses, doctors, paramedics. We all have stories!

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