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Grand Rounds

Dr. V at 33charts is hosting Grand Rounds this week!  Go read his carefully curated links.  I liked what he said at the end about each host essentially bringing their own flavor to the ‘Rounds.  (paraphrasing there!)  There have been a few warbles here and there about how it should be hosted, but I’ve always thought that each blogger should do what feels right for them.

Having said that, codeblog will be hosting Grand Rounds next week.  It’ll be my 7th time hosting and I’m excited.  Mostly excited because now someone will tie up GruntDoc‘s 7-time-hoster record :-)  But!  Also excited to read what you send my way.   I have never requested that submissions conform to a certain theme, and I’m not going to officially request it now, either.  All submissions will be considered, but my favorites are the personal stories and anecdotes from the world of health care.  My past entries for Grand Rounds have been silly & gimmick-y, but I have a feeling that I’ll employ a simpler format this time around.

E-mail me at codeblogrn at gmail to submit; please put “grand rounds” as the subject.  I’d appreciate if you could get them to me by Monday afternoon at the latest.  Thanks!

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