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Grand Rounds: Volume 8, No. 17

How’d we get to Volume 8 already?!  I think hosting this Grand Rounds finally ties me up with GruntDoc, who has hosted 7 times.  Grand Rounds is the weekly round-up of blog posts by medical bloggers.

Whereas in the past the host would post nearly every link they received, it appears that we are now moving towards more curated content.  I said in my previous post that I wasn’t going to institute a theme, but I was definitely more drawn to the personal-story type posts.  Thanks to everyone that submitted!

Ever been put in an awkward position?  How about if it was a position that you created yourself?  Bongi, who blogs at other things amanzi, describes a situation he found put himself in that he calls “buff and turf” – and it didn’t turn out very well for him.  He leaves it to our imagination to come up with what the other surgeon’s response was.

Working with children is hard.  Well, I think it’s hard.  I can relate to my own kids just fine, but finding common ground with a child you’ve just met and have only minutes to spend with is what I consider a unique talent.  The medical student that blogs at d.o.ctor used a classic technique to try to bond with her small scared patient.  Did it work?  Read on to find out.

What would you think if your nurse told you, “Buck up.  You’re going to feel terrible for a year?”  Would you believe it?  Jessie Gruman describes her insights as she worked her way through an entire year of feeling very “sick-ishly.”  I can tell you I found insight #3 somewhat surprising.  It’s something I simply wouldn’t have considered.

I shamelessly grabbed this next post from Twitter – Jordan, who blogs at In My Humble Opinion, wrote a touching post about mothers.  In Praise of Mothers wasn’t quite the post that I was expecting (and apparently the first commenter wasn’t expecting it either); it was even better.   And I’ve tried several times here to explain why, but I can’t.

And I shamelessly grabbed this one from Google Reader – Dr. V at 33 Charts shares his answer to the question, “How Often Should A Physician Blog?”  You could easily take the word “physician” out and apply the answer to any blogger.  I have been blogging for over 9 years now.  My posting frequency in the very beginning was about once a week.   Now it’s more like once a month.  He has some great insights that I found myself completely agreeing with.

What happens when you check up on a patient only to find that you’re the “last to know?”  In Duly Notified, Dr. Wes encounters an unsettling bit of difficulty when he opens the electronic chart of a long-time patient.

The next submission is an interesting read.  When someone suggests that you “build a coping system,” does your brain sort of shut off a little?   Yeah, yeah, coping.  Easy to suggest, a bit more difficult to implement.  But Will wrote a post that makes it seem doable.  He breaks it down into easy-to-digest sections and provides lots of suggestions.

Solitary Diner describes her “middle of the night chart review.”  Who amongst us medical professionals haven’t found ourselves in this position?  It’s a right of passage.  Welcome to the world of health care!

Medical Lessons brings up an interesting point – can cancer awareness initiatives go too far?  Where’s the line?  What if it seems silly to adults but might actually be helpful to children?  Should Barbie be bald in the name of cancer awareness?  (My take?  Sure, why not.)

Here are a couple quickies:  Insure Blog covers the situation of an autistic young man when a program his family has come to depend on is restructured – leaving them out.  Behaviorism and Mental Health explores a different perspective when addressing the problem of increased violence in California’s state psychiatric hospitals.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these posts I’ve selected for this Grand Rounds.  The calendar tells me that Volume 8, No. 18 will be held at USA Today (!), written by Dr. Val Jones.  Send submissions to val.jones at getbetterhealth dot com.  As always, thanks to Nick at Blogborygmi and Dr. Val at Get Better Health for keeping the whole thing going!




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Thanks for hosting, and for including our post.

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Grand Rounds is up…

Intensive Care nurse Gina hosts this week’s curated edition of interesting medblog posts….

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