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Change of Shift Vol 3 Number 24

Hello!  Welcome to Change of Shift, the carnival dedicated to nurses and nursing!

I’ll start out with a couple of posts about an entity that most nurses everywhere deal with:  families.  Family members can be a huge help, or they can be the bane of our existence.  Usually they lie somewhere in between, being neither overly helpful (which is good if the family “helps” by silencing IV pumps and ventilators) or especially annoying.  Nurse Ausmed starts us off with a potpourri of family scenarios.  Just as patients come in all shapes in sizes, so do families!   Next is Chris at the Man-Nurse Diaries who submitted what turned out to be part 1 of a 3 part series about the same patient:  Never Say Your Family is Crazy Unless You Really Mean It describes a seriously dysfunctional family unit.  You will also wonder how on earth these four people have managed to make it this far.

Our carnival mama, Kim, submitted a hil-a-rious post from the past: Oh, the Games People Play.  First of all, congrats on obtaining the coveted Cherry Ames game, and second of all, the sentence “Team Patient arrives supine on a movable gamepiece” had me laughing hard enough to wake the toddler!!   Go read Kim’s play-by-play of her shifts in the ER.

If the blog Reality Rounds was an ice cream sundae, I would have some serious weight issues.  I really enjoy this blog – the writing style flows so well.  This week’s submission “Code Lactate” describes the author’s first day back at work after 12 weeks of maternity leave.  Talk about having to get back in the saddle in a hurry!  You know how nurses sometimes barely get enough time to pee or scarf down lunch?  It can be even worse for a brand new mom!

Now on to traveling.  Nurses have a great opportunity to travel and work at the same time.  In the post “Is travel nursing a vocation or vacation?” The Pulse describes the pros and cons of 5 different destinations.  Dubai anyone?  Speaking of traveling, have you ever thought about the travels of your favorite pen?  Kathy at Nurse Connect describes the average day in the life of your…. pen.  Your favorite “cool pen.”  I bet you had no idea!

Shrtstormtrooper at Fundus Chop (you know there’s a story behind that name. Oh, wait – there really is!) writes about her ridealong with EMS.  She points out that even in ER, you have at least some very basic information about the patient who is about to grace your threshold  This is not the case with EMS, where the little info you’re given may differ vastly from the actual situation you encounter.

Much has been written about Information Technology in the health setting.   Barbara from Florence dot com writes about “meaningful use” of such technology and what that means to different types of patients.

Bedside nurses do a lot of bending and twisting and turning.  The Back Pain Blog submitted a post entitled “Herniated Discs and Bending” which describes the ways in which a disc can herniate… and not herniate.  It also includes some tips on how to keep your back and spine healthy while doing all the crazy maneuvers we nurses sometimes have to do!

Are you confused by heart blocks?  Not Nurse Ratched provides us with a helpful Heart Blocks Cheat Sheet, complete with further commentary and simplification in the comments by the one and only Ambulance Driver.

Laura at Nurse Connect wrote the post “Are Nurses Health Coaches?”  I believe so, and Laura well describes the ways in which we are.  The problem comes when the patient is discharged and leaves our care.  At that point they no longer have the regular influx of information and encouragement that they did while they were in the hospital.

Do you think you have what it takes to be a nurse?  In her characteristic tongue-in-cheek style, Head Nurse lays it all out for us – the top mad skilz one needs in order to be a successful nurse.

What if you could work in an environment wherein you didn’t have to have an iron nose?  AJN’s Off the Charts posted Virtual Nurses in a Virtual ICU.  A virtual ICU is basically a second set of eyes to monitor the patient; however, this second set of eyes may be hundreds of miles away!  This may be a great use of nurses who have vast experience and knowledge but can no longer physically work at the bedside.  But is it better than just beefing up staff at the patient’s actual location?

Lastly, here’s this edition’s Top Lists:

Top Ten Reasons to Date a Congential Heart Defect Survivor!

Top Fifty Nursing Blogs (they wisely included me in the list this time!)

100 Best Sources for Nursing News

And for those of you that will be graduating in a month or so:

100 Useful Job Search Tools for Recent College Grads (those tools geared towards healthcare professionals starts at number 59)

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Change of Shift.  It will next be hosted at Florence dot com on June 11th.  Barb requests that you get your submissions in by no later than June 9th at 10pm EST.

Have you been keeping up with the Adventures of Bob the Nurse?  Keith is looking for more people to host Bob!  If you are interested in visiting with Bob and taking pictures of his adventures, contact Keith through his blog Digital Doorway.

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