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Change of Shift Vol. 3 Number 22

Happy Spring everyone!  Welcome to this edition of Change of Shift.

I typically do not ask for themed submissions, but I did this time.  The theme of this CoS is being human – describing those moments of human error or letting our less-than-professional side show.  I described my own less-than-professional moment here.  Yes, it’s an old post, but relevant to theme.

Not many people bared their souls with this theme, which I found disappointing.  Either ya’ll are able to maintain composure all the time, or you just aren’t into admitting the times you haven’t. :)   In any case, Kim from Emergiblog (our founding mama!) wrote a post that definitely epitomized this concept in Oh, The Humanity!

NPs Save Lives wrote an excellent post about the disparity between the snap judgments we sometimes make as nurses and the real story in Human Responses From a Family Nurse Practitioner.  It’s very easy to make a snap judgment about people, but you can only find out the real story once you’ve dug a little deeper.  Sometimes the real story supports the original judgment, but most of the time it doesn’t.

Do you know what an STL is?  Find out in Barbara Olson’s post at Florence dot com: STL’s Happen.  They happen every single day across the world.  You have had your own share of STL’s.  We have to work hard to overcome these when we are doing repetitive tasks.

~~ Zen break ~~  Take a moment to bask in the Buddha with Bob the Nurse.  I adore the idea behind Bob and wish I had come up with it myself.  This is not the last you’ll see of Bob in this here post!

Nurse Ausmed wrote a fantastic post about floating in Little People in a Big Hospital.  I know I’m preaching to the choir here, but in case I’m not, here’s a telling line: “So, an outsider might be wondering, what’s the big deal? Nursing is nursing is nursing, right”  Um, NO! Nursing is highly specialized these days.  I know helping out units that are short staffed is the right thing to do, but trust me – you do not want my adult ICU skill set in your pediatric ward.  And hug an ER nurse today – they have to be knowledgeable about almost everything!

Beka blogs at In Our Own Words: Medscape Nurses.  She wrote a post about “compassion fatigue” entitled Feeling Numb Today… Anyone Else? It includes a link to an article describing what this is along with her own description of what it feels like after an especially difficult weekend working in the ICU.

Man Nurse (aka “The Exposed”) at the Man-Nurse Diaries relates a story about a recent needlestick in his post Needlestuck.  It was an accident, but will have some significant ramifications for his life over the next 6 months.  It happened under less-than-ideal conditions, and it could happen to anyone of us.

I am definitely a fan of the witty and/or well-placed comeback line.  RR over at Reality Rounds nails her comeback as described in the post Enter Dr. God: Act One.

Are you charged with making sure your fellow nurses get their breaks?  If so, you might find this post by Kathy at Nurse Connect interesting: Take a Break.  I spend some shifts as the designated “break nurse” and I have definitely come across these types of situations… that’s all I’ll say.  (Hi, coworkers!!)

And now… another break to see what our favorite male nurse action figure is up to…. (Where is his stethoscope??)

The swine flu has been in the news a lot lately, and it looks as though a very astute school nurse was one of the first to alert us to the situation.  Actually, it looks like many nurses were involved.  Great job!  Although she didn’t submit it, I wanted to include a post from Nurse Jo at Head Nurse: Can we all just take a deep breath through our masks? It contains some very sage advice!

Patrick at travelnursingblogs.com writes about how where we live impacts our happiness in It’s Time to Find Your Place in the Sun.  I will tell you right now that I was completely shocked to read what state has the happiest inhabitants.

And Bret writes about How to Beat Nursing Burnout in the 2nd of a multipart post, offering suggestions on how to combat professional burnout… and there is also some great advice in the comments.

Now, onto one of my favorite subjects – TECH!!  There were several submissions for this category and I think they’re all fabulous.  First up is Keith at Digital Doorway writing about This Modern World…. a post that advises just how to connect in this big huge world of connectivity.  Confused?  Don’t be – although it is easier than ever to connect with others, sometimes we lose the sense of humanity behind the computer screen.

Online Nursing Degree Guide compiled a list of 25 Amazing Nurses on Twitter (I’m sure if it had been 26 Amazing Nurses on Twitter, I would have made the list!) I follow many of the nurses on this list and they are indeed very interesting. Another great resource from this site is the 25 Top iPhone Apps for Nurses list.  Do you use your iPhone at work?  Some of these apps would definitely come in handy.

Keeping with the top 25 theme, Medicine 3.0 gives us a list featuring 25 Excellent Social Media Sites for your Health including sites for News & Information, Fitness Tools and Patient Activism.

Nursingschools.net has compiled a very extensive list of 100 Scholarly Open-Access Journals for Nurses.  If your interest or specialty is not listed somewhere in here, then you are a nurse practicing on Mars.

Running Wildly wrote a very touching post about Hope – how important it is for healing and how devastating it is not to have any.  Never underestimate how much power hope has for our patients.

RehabRN writes a beautiful tribute to one of her favorite coworkers in On to Sunny Skies… Suzy sounds like a dream to work with.

Lastly (but not leastly), Laura from Nurse Connect writes Elements of Nursing Style wherein she gives some excellent tips on communicating through charting.

I hope you enjoyed this edition of Change of Shift!  Thanks to everyone who submitted posts.

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Thanks Geena, nice job! Sorry I didn’t write Nursing Handover’s submission on theme, I submitted early before I realised what the theme was. Guess there IS such a thing as too organised after all :)

I like this edition. Maybe I can follow some more twitters. Thanks.

Great job! It looks like there are a ton of good posts highlighted. Thanks for including us.

Wow! Great edition! Methinks there should have been a #26 in that list, too!

I’m going to post a link and then start readin’! : D

Thanks for giving Flo a ride on the carousel, Gina! You did a great job letting your story ignite others. Here’s a post about Change of Shift with commentary (surpise!) about the fitness of the system you work in: http://florencedotcom.blogspot.com/2009/04/change-of-shift.html

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Thanks for the inclusion and the great work on COS!

code blog Change of Shift Vol. 3 Number 22…

This edition of Change of Shift; theme is “being human.:…

Thanks for including me! Good articles!

I’m still trying to find my way around the blog. Also, I suppose I’m not the kind to confess my “humaness” online. Believe me it’s just garden variety psychosis. Very tedious.

great job! AMAZING posts this month – so good to see a rise in submissions. thanks for the hard work hosting :)

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