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Where I’ve Been

Where to start?

As I’ve said in the past, I’ve never been a very prolific blogger. I don’t subscribe to the idea that one can’t have a successful blog if they don’t post several times a week. Unfortunately, I’m now blogging even less than my own personal threshold.

Part of it is motherhood. My son is a very busy little guy and I’m enjoying spending lots of time with him.


Another thing is that I’ve been working from home this summer. Thus, many spare moments have gone into finishing that job. Lastly, I only work one day a week in the ICU. I simply don’t see anything interesting to write about because of working so infrequently.

PixelRN wrote a post about how one could be a better blogger by just writing posts after imbibing some wine. The idea is to let down your guard a little and post sans insecurity. I’ve always been a little distant in terms of my personal life on this blog, but now I’m finding that I have little else to blog about. My personal life is taking up all my time! :)

**(We interrupt this post to take a trip to the park.)**

See, that was fun, but now I’ve lost all my concentration and momentum!

I’ve considered putting Gabe in daycare and going back to work more often. Honestly I think he would LOVE daycare, but I don’t think I would love being back at that particular job. (I wonder if my boss still reads my blog…. I have a feeling I’m about to find out). What I’d really love to do is work in fertility (Sorry, erm, “reproductive health”) clinic. Anyone have any leads on that??? :)

So I’m not sure in which direction I should take this blog. I know for absolute certainty that I will leave it up. I have a lot of links out there and I hate dead links. But as for what to post… I don’t know. I still get story submissions. Maybe I could focus more on those and use this blog as a forum to give nurses out in the trenches a voice. Or I could focus more on my personal life, but to be honest I’m not sure anyone would want to read about it. That’s not self-disparaging; it is merely truth.

I also know for certainty that this place needs a facelift badly. It’s had the same look for over 5 years. My husband put SO much work into it that I feel bad changing it around.

Anyway… thanks to the 5 of you who have kept codeblog on your blogrolls. Perhaps I’ll leave the fate of this blog up to a vote:

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I only hope that whatever you decide, you stay in nursing, as you are a phenomenal role model, a genuine contributor, and amazing colleague. Critical Care will miss you, should you change your path, but nursing would miss you more. Follow your heart and you will always choose the right path!

So, what brought you to the hospital today?

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  • profileI am Gina. I have been a nurse for 15 years, first in med/surg, then CVICU, inpatient dialysis, CCU and now hospice. This blog is about my experiences as a nurse, and the experiences of others in the healthcare system - patients, nurses, doctors, paramedics. We all have stories!

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