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Submission Guidelines

When emailing a submission, exclude information that would lead to a break in confidentiality. Feel free to include your name and location, but try to leave out specific dates and the obvious (other names, facility names, etc). In other words, use your noggin’. I’ll change around whatever I feel is inappropriate, such as “My patient Mr. Bird, who is 52, had a knee replacement the other day at Grand Hospital in the Bahamas. He was such a card.” You get the idea.

While it is preferred that stories be true, the only real requirements are that they
be entertaining and thought-provoking and stuff.

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  • profileI am Gina. I have been a nurse for 15 years, first in med/surg, then CVICU, inpatient dialysis, CCU and now hospice. This blog is about my experiences as a nurse, and the experiences of others in the healthcare system - patients, nurses, doctors, paramedics. We all have stories!

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